Information Collected

Statistical Purposes

Below is an example of the information collected based on a standard request for a World Wide Web document: - - [28/Jan/1997:00:00:01 -0500] "GET /conference/news/whatsnew.html HTTP/1.0" 200 16704 Mozilla 3.0/

  • (or : this is the host name (or IP address) associated with the requester (you as the visitor). In this case, ( the requester is coming from a commercial address. Depending on the requester's method of network connection, the host name (or IP address) may or may not identify a specific computer. Connections via many Internet Service Providers assign different IP addresses for each session, so the host name identifies only the ISP. The host name (or IP address) will identify a specific computer if that computer has a fixed IP address
  • [28/Jan/1997:00:00:01 -0500] : this is the date and time of the request
  • "GET /cccrp/news/whatsnew.html HTTP/1.0" : this is the location of the requested file on CCCRP
  • 200 : this is the status code - 200 is OK - the request was filled
  • 16704 : this is the size of the requested file in bytes
  • Mozilla 3.0 : this identifies the type of browser software used to access the page, which indicates what design parameters to use in constructing the pages
  • : this indicates the last site the person visited, which indicates how people find CCCRP
  • Requests for other types of documents use similar information. No other user-identifying information is collected

Enhancement of User's Experience

In order to provide the best results based on a user's browser setup the following information (none of which is stored, it is only used to help optimize page layouts) is collected in order to enhance the user experience:

  • Browser Type : (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc.)
    • Version : browser version
    • Major Version : browser major version number
    • Minor Version : browser minor version number
  • Platform : operating system platform (Windows, Apple, Linux, etc.)
    • Alpha : is this an alpha release of the OS
    • Beta : is this a beta release of the OS
    • Win16 : is this a Windows 16 bit platform
    • Win32 : is this a Windows 32 bit platform
    • Win64 : is this a Windows 64 bit platform
  • Browser Support
    • Frames : does the browser support frames
    • IFrames : does the browser support iframes
    • Table : does the browser support tables
    • Cookies : does the browser support cookies
    • Background Sounds : does the browser support background sounds
    • Channel Definition Format (CDF) - does the browser support CDF
    • VBScript : does the browser support VBScript
    • Java applets : does the browser support Java applets
    • JavaScript : does the browser support JavaScript
    • ActiveXControls : does the browser support ActiveX Controls
    • supportsCSS : does the browser support CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
      • cssVersion : what version of CSS
  • Browser Misc.
    • isMobileDevice : is the browser being used from a mobile device
    • isSyndicationReader : is the browser being used with a 508 compliant reader
    • Crawler : is the application being used to read the page a crawler, often used by search engines to index a site
    • AOL : is the browser an AOL browser
      • aolVersion : version of the AOL Browser